Housing Scheme of the Trust:

With a view to provide relief and help the needy families of the society who do not have their own shelter, the Trustees planned to initiate a Housing Project after some deliberation and much groundwork. The Board of Trustees sought blessings and approval from H.H. SHRIMAD SAMYAMINDRA THIRTHA SWAMIJI, Mathadipathi of Shree Kashimath Samsthan, Varanasi, to implement this unique project during their mokkam at Basrur Shree Kashimath on 21st June 2023. H.H. Swamiji happily blessed this unique proposal by naming the scheme after the 5th pontiff of Shree Kashimath Samsthan, “H.H. SHRIMAD RAGHAVENDRA THIRTHA SWAMIJI”. H.H. Swamiji blessed the Board of Trustees and named this project as “SHRIMAD RAGHAVENDRA KRIPA GRIHA PADHATHI.”


As per the instructions and blessings of H.H. Shrimad Samyamindra Thirtha Swamiji, Mathadipathi of Shree Kashimath Samsthan, Varanasi, the Board of Trustees have planned to handover the first house to the beneficiary during the momentous and divine occasion of 300th Punyathithi Aradhana of great Yati H.H. SHRIMAD RAGHAVENDRA THIRTHA SWAMIJI in the year 2025.

This is a new initiative of SHRIMAD KESHAVENDRA THIRTHA SWAMI CHARITABLE TRUST®. Requesting all our Samaj Bhandhavas and like-minded donors to join hands for providing relief to the needy members of the society. Let us all come together and make a meaningful contribution to society.

 Please find the attached “SHRIMAD RAGHAVENDR KRIPA HOUSING SCHEME” Flyer for more details.



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