Shree Bhuvanendra Arogya Card

Healthcare Initiatives of the Trust: Apart from Scholarship and Sponsor A Student schemes of the Trust and with a view to support the needy dialysis patients, the Board of Trustees after receiving the blessings from H.H. Shrimad Samyamindra Thirtha Swamiji, Mathadipathi of Shree Kashimath Samsthan, Varanasi, decided to launch ‘SHREE BHUVANENDRA AROGYA CARD.’ This Health card was blessed and released by Divine Hands of H.H. Shrimad Samyamindra Thirtha Swamiji on the auspicious occasion of Mahanavami, Saturday, 24 October 2020, during their Chaturmasa vritha at Konchady Kashimath, Mangaluru.

As we all know, good education and health care is the need of the hour that determines a sound and healthy society. Keeping this in mind, the following activities are conceptualized for the immediate future;

Plan more medical camps and provide health cards to needy families. In view of this, there is a need for conducting thorough analysis in the unexplored rural villages.

• First, the unexplored areas in rural healthcare include financial support to economically weak sections of society, i.e., patients requiring dialysis treatment related to Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD), which shall help us to take supportive measures mitigating such conditions. Most of the patients need to undergo a minimum of 8 dialysis per month, which attracts a huge amount for treatment, and many in the rural areas are not able to afford the treatment costs.

To accomplish these Trust objectives, we encourage like-minded organizations, samaj bhandavas and donors to support the cause that shall benefit society’s deserving sections. Your support shall help the Trust increase the beneficiaries’ year-on-year, conduct well-planned medical camps, provide health cards to the deserving families, etc.

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